And for what? Mr. Grouse: >to Lynn Sr.< You'rewelcome Loud, I'm thankful that your kids helped me learn about computers, if they haven't convienced me to working on a computer to work at the office when they thougt you got fired from your job, I wouldn't have helped your son, he's a fine young man >rubs Lincoln's hair<, I can see his future career as a videogame designer one day. (As Lincoln got off the bus along with his sisters, Lincoln went up to his room to do some research on some of the Godzilla kaiju that he will be adding to his game, he looked up Godzilla's atomic breath, King Ghidorah's gravity beams, and MechaGodzilla's finger missles, and etc., once he got done researching, he filled in the notes for each of the Kaiju's powers and weapons, then he took the opportunity to watch some clips of the classic Godzilla films on DVD such as "Mothra vs. Godzilla" (1964), "Ghidorah: The Three headed monsters" (1964), "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" (1971) "Godzilla vs. Gigan" (1972) and "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla" (1974) to study each of the monsters powers, he then recorded those clips with with phone and got good videos on it, he saved them all for later and couldn't wait to try out those moves on his game, soon Lincoln went straight to bed, but only when--). Rita: >to Lynn Sr.< Let's not get carried away with this, there is plenty of time for that. Lynn figured out Lincoln is wearing the protector she gave to him. "Oh boy I can't wait until the next episode," Lincoln said out loud. I like that, now, study the picture carefully, and then you can draw it, simple as that. Lincoln: I know exactly what game I want, I want to do a fighting game, and I got a title for that "Godzilla: King of the Monsters". (Luan comes out of her room as she was going to the bathroom much to his question). Mr. Grouse: So let me get this straight, you want me to help you boys with programming a game for a school project? Chandler Ghidorah: >middle head< Oh yeah, >right head< now were are almost evenly matched >left head< bring it on ladies. Rita: We've always planned to have a big family. Lincoln: You were nice to me before, Why do you want to be back to being a meaner sister to me again? (A mouse then touches Lincoln as he gets digitized into a computer world where he sees digitized versions of his friends). Before Lincoln takes off, he takes one last look at the house) Lincoln: Goodbye. WellI guess you'll have to sit with me and my sardine breath at lunch. Lincoln: Wow Lori, you sure are a good cook. Lori: Sounds like you had a dream huh buddy? Lori: I know I do, but I completely understand that you aren't a fan of those cheesy romance movies, so I thought maybe we can watch "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" together. - Enjoy your healing. Ms. Merdich: >annoyed, to Chandler< Chandler, How dare you, you can't seem to get out of the disipline now can you? You are my substitute? Lincoln uses painkiller to protect himself from pain because if he used armor fight would be uncomfortable for him. (Lincoln was shocked as the studnet's have took some of Lincoln's ideas out of his mouth). (Lincoln then grabs his Ace Savvy comics and reads a few of them before going to bed, three days later, at his new classroom, Lincoln and the other class mates were waiting for thier new substitute). - I don't have your strength, so I depend on my brain. - Lincoln asked, - I do. Lincoln: Thank you Ms. Merdich oh thank you, you simply are the best substitue teacher ever. Ronnie Anne: Oh sure, and according to the schedule, I have the same classes as you. - Lola complained - This is so awful! Abraham Lincoln's assassination was actually at. (Most of the class except Chandler raised their hand). Chandler: >nervously gulping< Uh, I didn't say anything. Lincoln: Trust me, it'll be done in no time at all. "Oh boy this new episode is a great episode," Lincoln said. -I feel no grudge to you and you're no bully. Lana went up the stairs leaving Lincoln alone to deal with Lynn. - Lynn asked angry - Did you intend to do anything? (At the school bus, Lincoln was talking to his friends). After it was time to go, Lincoln then took off his costume and went upstairs. - You aren't as mature as I thought after all! (Lincoln looked and noticed that there is a "Monster Burper" that he wanted to try out), (Lincoln nods his head, Lori then rolls her eyes). - Luna answered happily - I am proud of you all. Put your head back on, do you want us to get stung by a jellyfish!" She yelled. Lincoln: Laides and gentlemen, I give you: >shows flash drive of his fan-made game for a school project< "Godzilla: King of the monsters" the fan-made videogame made by yours truley. - I shall be first! Stella: I didn't know it was challenging, but maybe if I beat him, I'll teach you a few tricks if I can. - Then you and I have similar problems. Lincoln: Maybe, but I might want to do this all night if I have to. (It then cuts to the lunchroom where all of Lincoln's friends were shocked in a surprising way). "Lori, what happened and where's my pants," Lincoln said. Ms. Merdich: And that is how the ancient Egyptians make their pyramids, but the missing Sphinx nose still remains a mystery to this day, >closes history book< alright now class, now for today, I'm going to give you each a flash driver, now when you want to make a game, you need to come up with a good title, genre, story, gameplay, animation, music, background and character, making a videogame is not easy, and that's where I come in, now before you get started, does anybody have an idea on what game they should make? Back to Lincoln and Lynn's fight on groundfloor. Godzilla Lori: Thanks Mothra Leni, I appreciate that. I beg you! Lynn: Hey jerkwad, no throwing food, especially at my little bro, that's a ticket for you buster, >writes the ticket and pastes it on his forehead<, I've got my eyes on you >to his friends< and that goes for you chumps as well! Afterward, she was sent to live with family members in Retro City, during her five years in the city, she learned how to control her. Lincoln: Thanks Lori, I appreciate your help! Clyde: I could help, but you know that we haven't learned about programming just yet. Lincoln: That's too bad Clyde, I hope you have a great time. Lincoln's Farewell. - Don't come any closer, monster! I fear myself because I know I am able to cause this. - Poor burned boy. Lynn Sr.: >to Mr. Grouse< Here you go Mr. Grouse, a tray of my famous "Lynn"-sagna"! Grouse?!?! The other characters in this fanfic will not be introduced until next chapter. Today was one of the rare occurrences where despite being a Saturday afternoon with sunlight to burn, he had nothing to do. Clyde: I'm rooting for you buddy, you got the flash drive? >giggles<. While they were watching this anime, Lincoln started comparing Lynnto Azula, Lana on other hand compared Lola to Azula. ??? - Lincoln explained. - Lana approached - Doesn't matter what you watch. Leni: >to Lincoln< Yeah, you are like totes popular with your game now. - said Lynn ashamed - You're right, I should have told you instead of attacking you and saying this trash. Ms. Merdich: >interrupts Chandler< No more excuses mate, if you get one more tardy without notifying the principal again, I will have you sent to the office for after school detention after the third and final checkmark. Lynn commented "So weak and easy to beat. Lincoln: >to Rita< Mom, she said I cannot do a game that's too similar to the one they already did. Ms. Merdich: >to Chandler< Bonzer! Ms. Merdich: >to Lincoln< Thanks mate, it's been a pleasure having you as my student. (Lincoln and the three other dream monsters were amazed that it was a robotic version of Mr. Bolhofner as MechaGodzilla). You shouldn't have done that ever. I was just expressing my opinion, I mean, Stinkoln should have done a sports game, not any of that lame guy in rubber-suit stuff. - I did reconcile with Lincoln. ben suarez bread / joseph wiley kim burrell / loud house fanfiction lincoln loses his memory. Ms. Merdich: Now the last thing you need to do is to add sound, background and music, I would highly recommand you add Media fire to the file and add some sounds to make your characters make noises, oh and don't forget to add music, it's very important that you do so, oh and don't forget to test out your game when you are done. Ms. Merdich: Okay then, now for the first step, when making a game you need to come up with a good story and synopsis for your game, be more specific, and the story is worth fifty percent of your grade. Lincoln Loud, a 12 year old boy starting middle school starts to experience weird things in his day, his body strength is much different then it was a week ago, he's hearing voices around him when their's no-one near him and not only that, his dreams are getting much weirder, like he's seeing people he's never met before, how weird. Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. Lori: >interrupts Lincoln< No, don't apologize, I'm not mad at you, I'm just annoyed, you wanted something, I'll get it for you, no big deal. Let's see how this one holds up. Ms. Merdich: Well done Riley, you get nintey points for animation! Ms. Merdich: Now the only game that I was impressed with the most isLincoln Loud for his game "Godzilla: King of the monsters" >to Lincoln<, well done Lincoln, that's an "A+" for you. - Lola, Lana and Lincoln commented simultanously, - Finally! Lynn Sr.: >to Lynn< You don't have to be more open to his interests, but you can at least try to be more respectful. - Lincoln put scissors back on its place - If you told me, this whole situation would never happen. Lori: Get busy, I'll handle this when they get back, you worry about you're project, I'll worry about the family. Lincoln: Lori, what are you doing picking me up from school today? You reconciled by yourselves in the hard but instructive way. Chandler: BOOOOOOO, go back to Great Lakes City, BOOOOOO! Hello everyone it's me, MuppetSpot. - Lincoln said, relaxed - This is the positive effect of having your own room: peace and quiet. Loudsmith. (While Lori dialed for pizza, she placed her order, when she gets done, she asks Lincoln again). (Chandler sighed as Ms. Merdich wrote two checkmarks on Chandlers name on the discipline list). Chapter 1. "Lincoln," screams Luan "Guys, he's . Stella: Yeah, I can tell, he's one of those flying monsters right? Lincoln: >gets an idea< I think I know who can help us with programming Clyde! You can't allow yourselves for revange before reason! We might even see a Four-leaf Clover. Rob Paulsen: >squawk< Well done Lincoln, well done. Luna: You know, I remember when she made a Godzilla game where it smashes cities and battle monsters, she got an A+ on it. After the show was done playing and Lincoln was hyped. - I won't attack you again, bro. 1 Lori and Bobby's Distracting Make Out (The Librarian showed them to the scanner, they fired up the laptop, and connected it to the scanner, but in no time at all, all of the breath effects are in the file on the flash driver, they then exited the Library and left for home, back at The Loud House, they continued to put together Hedorah, Gigan and MechaGodzilla, and at last, all of the characters are pasted together). Lori: Okay, I'll call and place an order. (Luna came into Lincoln's room and sat next to him) LINCOLN: Hey, Luna. Don't cut off my ponytail! - What if I did go further? Lori: Ah that's good, I'll return this to Carol's since you've worked so hard on these, and while I'm there, I think I'll get us some lunch from Burpin' Burger. - I also became a bully. Lori: It can be, it's not alwats easy, but you'll get the hang of it >to audience< People who do this for a living literally deserve more credit and respect. Lola: Thank you, >hug him< you are the best brother ever. In October 2020, I reviewed "Monster Buster Club" for Episode 28, and in January 2021, I reviewed "The League of Super Evil" for Episode 30. Lori: How come I didn't notice? One day, Lincoln Loud was one day watching Arggh on television. - If you knew, you wouldn't get used to surprise attacks. Chandler: >whispers to his friends< More like Lamezilla if you ask me! The family took her in and raised her as one of their own. Rusty: Wow, it's a good thing I don't have the Hoff, otherwise, I would have gotten a bad school year. Ms. Merdich: >to Chandler< Zip it, mark my words Chandler, that's two checks for you, one more and you are out of my class and straight to the office you go. That sounds like fun. - I hope you've got your lesson that you shouldn't abuse me and others weaker than you. She quickly stood up and dashed again but Lincoln took a small sack from his bag and throwed it on floor. (She then writes his name in the disipline list, Chandler was then grumbling with his arms crossed, but in no time, she heard his grumbling and checked his name only once). Australian teacher: Sorry about that mates, he's excited to meet all of you! Lincoln: She is super nice, and she will write your name on the discipline list if you act up, and guess what? Lincoln: Yes, I need to think about how to get him off and on the ground though. Riley: I'm going to make a game aboutsurvival! - Lynnhugged Lincoln back - Please be better than me anddon't become a bully because of me. - Please, let me explain. - I have an idea but I'll tell you this outside. Ms. Merdich: No worries, I will always remember you, so I'll come back when Principal Ramirez needs me to sub for me, but for now, there is another school that needed me, because another teacher is going to be out for a while because she is having a baby. - Lana answered - We fabricated a Rx, we're more skilled than we look. Lori: You should know, I did a solo Godzilla game during my first year at middle school. (Once Lincoln got on the bus, he decided that he can't do a sports themed game because he doesn't know anything about sports, he then tries to think of a Muscle fish theme game, but it turns out that he didn't want to make one because there was already too much Muscle fish games out there, Lincoln and the other sisters got off the bus and they went inside the house, most of the sisters started they're usual activities, Luna even sees him in a disappointed, Luna stops him from coming upstairs). Rob Paulson: >squawk< He's lying, he said >copies chandler< "More like Lamezilla if you ask me"! Lincoln: I'm done scanning all of the pictures. Lincoln Loud meets a cool girl from the depths of Hell, who is really a Hellhound named Loona. Leni: >wakes up< Oh, Morning Linky, I wanted to sleep with you because I heard you screaming last night, so I thought I could cuddle you, because I understand Lori sometimes do it, and the same goes with Luna. Lincoln stirs awake from his bout of unconsciousness to the full realization that he was back at the hospital. (While the kids continued about their day while at dinner, Lincoln was enjoying his plate of Spaghetti, and was thinking on how to work on Rodan's animation, but for now, he is going to spend the rest of the night eating his dinner, then he went to bed as he wasn't going to work on his project until the next day, at the school cafeteria, Lincoln and his friends were talking about his project). Principal Ramirez: >to Mr. Bolhofner< Okay, first of all, you cannot insult other teachers including substitues like that, secondly, I think she did a fine example of having a better relationship with other students unlike you, look at yourself, I thought maybe that trip to Kenya would help, but no, you continue to be like this, you are a complete mess Mr. Bolhofner. Lynn: Just take your time, I did a sports theme videogame, but I got an F on that. You all are reconciled! That was horrible! (It cuts to a familiar supervillain who just got her face shoved into a volcano). It was a homemade smokescreen bomb. It seems you all still have much to learn. - You too, Lana. Ms. Merdich: And we haveChandler, Riley (As Ms. Merdich was going over the list of students, she then puts it down as she gets ready for teaching). Rita: >to Lynn Sr.< I've been trying to tell you honey, we need to let Lori help Lincoln with his project so he wouldn't have to go through the chaos with his sisters. Ms. Merdich: Let's try adding first, and then we subtract and later multiply, does anyone know how to add ten and fourteen? She must now adjust to a life surrounded by a society of entomophobic humans as she attends Middlington Middle, It's time for my first journal of the new year, and what better way to start than with "Forgotten Cartoons"? Lincoln: Yes, I can almost smell that A+ already, only one I'm working on will be Rodan, and it's going to be hard. - If I did, you wouldn't have learned anything by yourselves. Today, I'm looking at a show requested by MBCMechachu. Ms. Merdich: Sorry 'bout that mate, that's Aussie slang for little lady. Lynn: Godzilla? (Lincoln was confused as he doesn't even know what she was talking about, back at The Loud House, the entire family was waiting to hear the results about Lincoln's game), (The family cheered as they gave Lincoln a hug, they then release him). Ms. Merdich: >to Riley< Good on ye mate, >to class< now if I multiply six point nine by eight point seven, what would be my total rating? (Lincoln was getting dizzier and dizzier by the moment, until he screamed at the top of his lungs, he then wakes up into reality, he looks around and knows that he is safe in his room and looks at the picture of his sisters, a tear sheds in his eye knowing that Lori isn't here to comfort him right now, he decides not to intrude into any of his sisters rooms, because he didn't felt like sharing a room with a sibling, like the last time he did with Lynn and Lucy, he then hugs Bun bun and went back to sleep, unknown to him, a door was open and someone climbed into bed with him, the next morning Lincoln woke up and noticed that Leni was sleeping next to him). Now I can be your teacher for the entire semester. How else could I see this? (All of the other students were disappointed as they didn't get picked as well). "Oh boy this new episode is a great episode," Lincoln said. Lincoln: I did beat him a couple of times, but due to how the game expended their levels, it gets tougher every second. (Ms. Merdich and Rob Paulson left the classroom, the class was really upset that they are going to be stuck with Mr. Bolhofner). Rita: Whoa whoa whoa kids, settle down, one at a time! Lincoln: Just think you guys, I bet I could make the best game ever. (Charles whimpered, as he went to get some food for his dog bowl, Lincoln was about to dig in until Lori swiped it from him). Girl student one: I think I should do a game where you play as the doctor. Luan: Oh cool, a Kaiju fight, >impersonating Michael Buffer< LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I wanted him to take level in badass and take his revenge. Lori: Okay, I'll help you with the animations. We all pitched in this together. Mr. Grouse: >annoyed< I don't care, now get along home boys! - Lincoln laments - They always have more fun, when I'm not around. Lori: That's okay buddy, I'll take you to the library tomorrow afternoon and we'll get them scanned, and afterwards, we will work on animating your character, we'll do one together, then you can do the rest all on your own, unless if you need Luna's help. Chandler Ghidorah: >middle head< Well well well, >right head< if it isn't my arch enemy, >left head< ready for our match? Despite my good intentionsI became what I tried to protect you from, a bully. How about a game I like to call detention! Lincoln: I forgot to place in the abilities on my characters, I didn't have time to do them. Check, >to audience< Well, it's another typical day in The Loud House, now that Lori is gone to college, Leni is now in charge of the house, Lily started preschool and I feel happy for her, I started middle school, I know things haven't got into a good start for me lately, but I've gotten used to it >enters the bathroom and brushes his teeth, exits the bathroom< but the worst thing about middle school is that I had to go to the worst class I've ever been too, and I had the meanest most strictest teacher I've ever had, Mr. Bolhofner, and believe me, he's a nightmare. Giganta: >to Godzilla Lori< You will pay for this, until I get fixed up, I'll be waiting for you. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Ms. Merdich: Excellent choice little Shelia. (They both share a hug, and Lincoln went back to his room, and he was thrilled to come up with a good title, a Godzilla fighting game must come up with a good title, he already knows that there is a few titles that are already on there, so he came up with a new title, he thought to himself). - Lincoln revealed to wear a pair of googles - Do tomboys cry? - Why not? (Lori and Lincoln got started on working on animating the characters, he knew he had to click on a body part and take some snips and add them to the animation slash control file, he had Godzilla walking forward and backward while blocking, roaring, fighting, kicking and swiping with his tail, he even added his breath animation, he tested the characters and he was successful). (Later it cuts to Ms. Merdich giving the final grades to the students of Mr. Bolhofner's class). Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Lori: Okay Lincoln, let's get started, first, I'll give you some paper, >gives Lincoln some paper< then I'll give you a pencil, >gives Lincoln a pencil< and you are good to go, oh and I almost forgot. - I did it because you made me! - said Lincoln with sad tone - Please don't hate me for my reckless revange. Ms. Merdich: >to Riley< Bonzer, that's sounds like a good idea, >points to another student< What about you young man? Zach: Wow, you are going to be extra busy. - Luna said - Now Lana. The Loud parents and Sisters gain powers from one of Lisa's experiments blowing up, Lincoln was away on a trip with Clyde, so while his family became heroes like many ot. Australian teacher: >to Lincoln< That's right mate, only for the time being, >to class< Crikey, excuse me mates, Where are my manners? "Abraham Lincoln's assassination was at Peterson House, Washington D.C. on April 15th 1865" is wrong. Lincoln: Her name is Ms. Merdich, she's from Australia and has a Cockatoo named after voice actor Rob Paulsen. Luna: I'll go first, I hadband practice and I thought we were going to have a great time, and we have practiced all day and we are getting better and ready for the battle of the bands. Lynn left laughing, when Lincoln was trying to stand up angry for being beaten and woundedby Lynn. - Luna yelled - You could have poisoned yourselves! - Lincoln said with anger - This will make you remember. Lynn Sr.: >to Lincoln< So son, how is your project getting along? Ms. Merdich: Hmmmm, interesting, remember, you've got until friday to work on your animations, because after Friday, we are going to be working on backgrounds, and then you can add music, but make sure that you give credit for those who made the music, copyright is worth one hundred percent of your grade. He opened the door and watched Lola wounded and terrified and Lena with sinister grin, whole their room was a mess. Rita: Well sometimes you have to accept what you have, and sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing you can do about. Ms. Merdich: >whew< Sorry I'm late class, I got caught on traffic, I should have left earlier than usual, I tell ya mates, it's not easy getting to class on time when traffic wants to beat you to it >giggles< anyway, let's start with our lessons shall we? - Lincoln stopped looking at Lynn with anger and released her ponytail - Have you ever wondered how I feel because of this? LUNA: I'll try talking to him again, you guys. Lincoln: Okay. Lori: I'll have one Monster Burper, and one cheese burger, hold the Mayo, the Mustard and the Pickles. (Lincoln's Laptop was tuned on once again, as she helps him get the pieces of the body together). Lori: WellLuna said you got a project to do right? Stella: You know what you need? Lincoln: And then I finally get the idea on what moves I want to use for each creature. (Luna left a tear in her eye as she was proud of him). That stair was rubbed with a colourless and odorless salve. (Everyone raised their hands as they were all done with the next step). Lincoln: Yeah, a Godzilla fighting game, that's a great idea Luna, Why didn't I think of it before in the first place? Ms. Merdich: Look mate, no offesne but you are compltley intimidating to your students, it's no wonder everyone hates you. Leni: It's okay baby bro, at least I was here to rescue you, >confused< Wait, what's a computer virus? Mr. Bolhofner: Now class, I would like for you all to meet Ronnie Anne Santiago, please give her a little time for her to tell us her backstory, and then it's time for class, >to Ronnie Anne< Ronnie Anne? Mr. Bolhofner: That's what I thought >to the rest of the class< AND THAT GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU, NO GROANING IN MY CLASSROOM!!! Lincoln: I was going to do an Ace Savvy Game, but Chandler beat me to it, teacher says I can't do the same game as someone else's, I wanted to do an A.R.G.G.H., but another kid beat me too it, and I can't do a Muscle fish game because there is too many games out there, I don't like Lynn's suggestion for a sports game because I don't like sports that much. - Lincoln said enjoying being rubbed by Luna. Lincoln: I hope so too, otherwise, I don't want to lose my confidence. Carol: Thanks so much for returning this, I got a lot of schoolwork to finish up. (Lori checks on the pizza menu on her phone to see what was on the menu, she checked on today's specials, it was on a Friday and she said to Lincoln). Stella: Hey Lincoln, what's with the smile! Are you crazy?! Luna: Wow, you are making great progress, are you sure you want to save for tomorrow? Ms. Merdich: Crikey, I almost forgot, if you have teamwork that's involved with your project, make sure you give everyone else the credit they deserve. (Once Ms. Merdich passed the tests to the students, Lincoln was thrilled that he got an "A" on his test and has a smiley face on it), (Once Chandler got his test back, he got a "D-" and a comment saying, "Do better next time"). Mr. Grouse: >to Lincoln, annoyed< But nothing, it's your problem Loud, not mine, so get lost! Happy St. Patty's Day! Ms. Merdich: Tomorrow, I will give each of you a flash drive so you can create your own videogame, I'll be looking forward to seeing your game, >the bell rings< see you guys later. Lincoln: That's one good thing about middle school though, just because you go to different classes doesn't mean we can't be friends anymore. Lincoln :>exclaims in disgust< Ewwwwwwwww. Lori: I'm just messing with you, I'll get pepperoni for my half, what do you want on your half? Back on earth, at the beach, after the events of "No Such Luck", Lincoln snuck away from his family to get a drink, but he passed out from heatstroke and dehydration before he can cool off and quench his thirst thanks to the squirrel costume he wore. The Princess and the Everlasting Emerald: A Royal Woods Fairytale. Lincoln: That's . - Lincoln corrected Lana - He reminds me of myself. That caused Lincoln fell on ground. Chandler: I got a good idea for a game, I'm going to makeAce Savvy! Lincoln: And then I learned that you can have more than one interest and the same interest you have gets boring overtime. Mr. Bolhofner: >annoyed< Alright, which one of you twerps is responsible for breaking the wind during class time? The Loud parents get their kids taken away due to Lincoln being labeled 'bad luck'. He wanted to relieve by watching Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "Zuko Alone". - Lincoln, do you have your revange? (Lincoln and his friends high fived each other, it then cuts to Lincoln and his flash drive at Clyde's with all of his friends as they all started to work on Lincoln's game, Stella worked on the background for levels, while Rusty helped Lincoln download media fire on his laptop, he tried to find some Godzilla sounds or music, but he was in luck, he found a bunch of Godzilla and other kaiju roars, he downloaded some of them and inserted them to his characters on his files, he gave them a test and he was happy that he got them working on the right moment at the time they roar, meanwhile Stella was working on at least eight levels for the design on the backgrounds, she listed them down as "Tokyo", "Kyoto", "Osaka", "Nagoya", "Hiroshima", "Nagasaki", "Fukuoka" and "Yokohama", she started working on the key architecture on each city specifically like the Tokyo tower and Osaka castle, Lincoln also downloaded some key music for each monster to have it's own unique theme song such as Godzilla's theme and Mothra's theme, all day long they continued to work on Lincoln's game, until it was past sundown and the five other friends left Clyde's for the night, Lincoln got home and noticed that no one was at the TV, so he took the opportunity to finish up the rest of "The Return of Godzilla" on DVD, then he wanted to watch his Blu-ray copy of "Godzilla vs. Biollante", but this time, he didn't get pushed off or interrupted by his sisters, he was happy to watch his movies to get the inspiration on his game, the next day, Lincoln and his friends have just visited the library to scan these background levels for his game, Stella even added some helicopters and tanks so this way the game wouldn't be much easier to do as the military will be the enemies for the game, not just the monsters, once the scanning was completed, Lincoln then colors the background levels and the military vehicles as well, he then added them to the file as well, Lincoln even copied at least four more at a certain time from Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night for natural lighting, for the night time arenas he added lights for the cities to make them more accurate, once they were all done with Lincoln's game, he saved them in seperate files onto his flash drive they all decided to play Crash Nitro fueled on Clyde's PS4, Lincoln was out on front, with Clyde at second, the race was going wild and Lincoln has won the race as Crash with Clyde as Cortex in second place, the six friends high fived each other as they all worked together on the game, the next step will be the hardest one yet, and the friends need to learn how to work together on this project, two days later, Ms. Merdich has got some amazing news to tell the class).

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