Our team starts their shift at 2pm from Tuesdays to Sundays and we are closed on Mondays. 0000549949 00000 n 0000004063 00000 n It is headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne . Just travelled from London to Edinburgh with 3 rowdy stag parties. To cover all these routes Lumo runs an average of 6 trips per day and 159 trips per month. Our trains arrived from Japan as empty bodyshells and were assembled at Hitachis Newton Aycliffe factory. Lumo is a new train company that will run between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh via the East Coast Main Line from 25th October 2021. The seats are more spaced out than in Standard Class, although they follow the same arrangement on either sitting at a table of four or two seats next to each other. Looking to travel by train from London to Scotland or north-east England? www.lumo.co.uk Contact note. Use our OUIGO train map to plan a rail voyage around France that will both astound and inspire you. Lumo is a 100% electric fleet of trains, running between London King's Cross and Edinburgh Waverley, providing regular, cost effective, sustainable travel as an alternative to flying and just as time effective. First Class is 2 + 1 seating with the same set up of 4 seats round a table and 2 seats round a table. Newton Aycliffe factory. On 17 April 2022, a Lumo -operated Class 803 passed through a set of points at Peterborough at 75 mph (121 km/h) where there was a speed restriction of 25 mph (40 km/h). Check out our Railcards page if you want to buy one online or see the different eligibility requirements for each type. Your email address will not be published. Family return tickets. We are a new movement, reimagining travel for a world where sustainability matters, where everyone is welcome and will be treated fairly and with respect, without being charged a premium. You may also be facing another passenger, sometimes with a table between you. 0000094599 00000 n If the route shows anything else, youll need to check carefully whether you can use it on Lumos trains. To help with the safety and comfort of passengers onboard Lumo trains, youre allowed to bring a maximum of two items per person during your journey, made up of: Please note that luggage that exceeds the limits above are carried onboard at Lumos discretion and may be refused or you may be charged an additional fee. Check out the latest Lumo train timetables valid from 15th May to 10th December 2022. %PDF-1.7 % x]MA$Ph2kd/"UPj Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Travel Well, Beyond Expectations Customer support 09:00 to 17:00 (Mon to Fri) customerexperience@lumo.co.uk Lumo as a brand conceptualises our commitment to our customers individual wellbeing combining all elements of physical, spiritual, corporal, emotional See more 2,540 people like this 2,787 people follow this http://Lumo.co.uk/ Read on for a complete guide to Lumo trains, including what exactly is on offer, from free WiFi to at-seat catering and much more, and how to book Lumo train tickets online with us. Connecting Journeys As travel reboots from Covid-19, Lumo says it wants to take traffic away from the airlines that fly between London and Edinburgh which currently carry 74,000 people a month. Lumo only have 1 luggage stack, and the extra row of seats gives them 94 seats. Click for seating plan. Please be aware that you can only take folding bikes on Lumo trains. cr~1Wc#&b|Bm2s~dD->$R6(3G-j5s$3%+c2s~W1[s4+&)_ w^`2307`s(:6(3g JJxWfhVM2S2 xvLe@z3l dd NHIsQl"T~Qb:6(F!#b$S%\\qz?I mSSi 5l0*Ij?I mSTV "kOQa*Qq>&i$3 NOc $1m:6(5 .T]fK*LOcST5lI@5VIjh(3|9@5IL['mpb*cr $5mcSTfm4+&i$1 i?F?s4+&i1fX0U\:PEd%Q;JU*mp*jdf%q)5HFVf\_Qs{0 hHtlpn*G4#8c~6' mP\qJ|mG2 ab`\C%\SJ>DSS!MpbHClR4qf- b\1ljR.!mSoP{ K}. 0000398585 00000 n Specifically, were a brand new train service, travelling exclusively down the East Coast of the UK between London & Edinburgh, calling at Stevenage, Newcastle & Morpeth. Lumo are an open access operator owned by FirstGroup that provide low-cost, fully digital, 100% electric travel across iconic cities on the route from Edinburgh to London and vice versa. If you want to snap up the cheapest fares, look out for Advance train tickets and buy them as soon as possible, as they tend to be cheaper when theyre first released and sell out quickly on the busiest routes. Other operators optiver graduate salary; general hospital evil twins cross country train seating plan Backward facing Youll be facing the back of the train. The staff though understanding were unable to restrict the amount of alcohol the guys brought into the train and consumed. Timetable Live Train Times Check the status of your train with our live train times tracker. Season tickets In early 2022, service will go up to 10 trains per day. Every single experience has been great. 0000034448 00000 n All or part of this journey will be made by bus. Was told wed be transferred by coach. 0000095549 00000 n The 400 miles journey takes just over 4 hours. The class is used to operate passenger services on the East Coast Main Line between London King's Cross and Edinburgh Waverley At launch, Lumo will operate four trains per day until 11 December 2021. Lumo has invested 100m in five Hitachi AT300 trains similar to the East trains currently used by the London North Eastern Railway Service on the East Coast Main Line. 0000026378 00000 n Student discounts with Unidays. We help customers across Europe make more than 172,000 smarter journeys every day. Valid Interrail, Eurail and Britrail Passes can be used on Lumo services. To amend a reservation, please whatsapp or call us at 8921 3818 or email us at hello@lumo.sg. Enter your arrival station and the date and time of your train, Enter your contact details, coach, and seat number, Youll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order. . DPTS oach E835 ar 5 60 Standard seats. 0000086914 00000 n Lumo is modern lifestyle travel brand. Cheap tickets. Immerse yourself in the Lumo experience by watching our 360 video! An extra coach just needs to have a toilet at one end and when it is slotted into the formation. Lumo is a new train company that will run between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh via the East Coast Main Line from 25th October 2021. To view the latest offers on UK train travel, visit our train deals and discounts page. Your email address will not be published. Lumo trains come with only one class Standard Class which offers the following amenities on board: Operating on the East Coast Main Line, the new Lumo trains call at the following train stations: Lumo highly recommends reserving a seat on all services. These are positioned next to one of the accessible toilets, which is standard practice. London to Edinburgh First Class train travel, Newcastle to Edinburgh First Class train travel, Best way to travel from London to Edinburgh, Best way to travel from London to Newcastle. Please note that timetables are subject to change due to engineering works, (A) means arrival time and (D) means departure time. Current offers and competitions. All stations on the route are capable of handling at least nine-car trains. Train seating plans | Seat numbering & layout in European trains Train seat numbering plans A seat numbering plan shows how to seats are laid out. These ends are connected to the centre car, which doesnt have its own toilet, but passengers can use the toilets in the next coaches. 0000094952 00000 n Seven-car trains would hold 598 seats and increase capacity by 47 %. 1!*l?/?]^.??=ilnujq)|z.T~_=b??~zZY7BEX*S)])TN_#^I7?O3Z8H5u;!|AuEOa[_|7kWnrb? Learn how your comment data is processed. Savings & rewards. More information can be found on the Travelling in First Class page. 0000052931 00000 n Lumo trains seating plan. *Food orders from high-street brands are only available if youre travelling from London Kings Cross or Edinburgh. Tickets are available for travel up to and including: Monday 04 September 2023, Copyright London North Eastern Railway 2023, LNER Assistant - personalised journey updates, Places you wouldn't believe are in the UK. Keep reading for more information on all the ticket types offered by Lumo. Dogs will need to be kept on leads and other small domestic animals must always travel in a fully enclosed basket that does not exceed 85 x 60 x 60 cm. There was no first-class carriage, and passengers struggled for space, but it was overall enjoyable. These trains are formed of 5 carriages. 0000089053 00000 n document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Lumo is competing with state-run train operator London North Eastern Railway and airlines in providing Anglo-Scottish travel. designed an entirely new seat which optimises leg room and the tilt of the seat to give you a comfortable seating position; designed a larger seat back tray table to balance all your essentials on during your journey; optimised the location of the power and USB sockets so theyll be no more scrabbling around under your seat for a plug point to keep your electricals. Penalty fares A NEW train operator plans to offer an alternative to cheap flights between Edinburgh and London with fares starting from 15. 0000285062 00000 n Lumo is a new low-cost rail operator which offers an alternative to travelling with LNER on the London Edinburgh route. from The tour will take you on a journey through our service and show you how a trip with Lumo is affordable, convenient, and a more environmentally friendly alternative to flying, coach or car travel. Eight-car trains would hold 694 seats and increase capacity by 71 %. Check train times for both operators at any train operator website such as www.tfwrail.wales or www.lner.co.uk or use www.thetrainline.com . 0000095857 00000 n This door-to-door courier service means your luggage will be waiting for you when you arrive at your final destination. Seat reservations Lumo, Britains newest train provider, is hoping to take on airlines offering a greener alternative with their electric train service between London and Edinburgh. Lumo trains run between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh via the East Coast Main Line. E-tickets At launch, Lumo will operate four trains per day until 11 December 2021. 0000084564 00000 n If you google LNER Azuma Train seating plan, it will show you a map. Seat & berth numbers are often not consecutive, for example 21 & 25 are an upper & lower bed in the same 2-bed sleeper. Specifically, were a brand new train service, travelling exclusively down the East Coast of the UK between London & Edinburgh, calling at Stevenage, Newcastle & Morpeth. It contains a drawing from Lumo, which shows the layouts of the seats on the train. Uncomfortable and understaffed. You may also be facing another passenger,sometimes with a table between you. Coach A 44 Standard seats 8 Priority seats 2 Wheelchair spaces 2 Tip up seats Accessible toilet 56 Total seats. But others spanned the entire weekend like a longer train trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. e320 seating plan.pdf. 0000285025 00000 n 0000091926 00000 n The outbound and return journeys combined cost 88.98 when flying with EasyJet, compared to 138 for the Lumo trains - almost 50 more expensive. Lumo is different in that it will be using brand new trains manufactured at Hitachis Italian plant. Forget about needing to stock up on snacks at the station or wandering up and down the train to find the onboard caf, means you can enjoy food and drink from a range of brands including, There are two ways to order food for your. endobj We've answered some of your most frequently asked questions about Lumo trains below. Please allow us some time to get back you, Hull Trains First Class seating plan. Ticket types We offer 2 types of tickets. The train software, then automatically acknowledges the additional car. These are certainly trains designed for their market.

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