Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. Players coming from stout, low launching shafts, will enjoy the stable feel while benefitting from the higher launch angles and slightly elevated spin. Join our new community on Patreon! The Elevate is better for more moderate tempos who struggle with delivering enough loft at impact or in other words who struggle to provide enough launch angle, peak height, and decent angle for their ball speed. I didnt test head to head, but my sense is that the XP is higher launching and spinning. If there is a point to all this is unless the shaft difference is major ie DNGX100 vs A flex the ultimate playing difference for me I'm guessing is a few strokes (maybe) either way. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. To see our testing and review of the 2021 iron shafts, read more within each of our manufacturers blogs: Project X, True Temper, KBS, OBAN, Mitsubishi, Nippon. Hi Matt, how would you compare the Elevate 95 Stiff vs the Elevate Tour in Stiff? I've hit the Elevate 95 in fittings and never had the lag issue cross my mind. I just ordered the Elevate 95 Tours which are tapers vs the Callaway Elevate parallels. Copyright 2022 True Temper Sports. Hi Matt, GolfSicko417 1 yr. ago. hearing all this chat about them playing even softer than the DG equivalent isnt helping. Not sure of weight. True Temper Elevate MPH 95 .355" Steel Iron Shafts . Now lets put these two shafts from True Temper against each other to see which one will make the best choice for you. I love the Modus 105. Ended up reshafting with fujikura pro graphite 115x soft stepped. I trust the fitter but my ego still thinks me tobe X (if Im being totally honest). Matt I have been previously been fit for project x 6.0 and kbs tour Stiff, the project x at my golf club and kbs at American golf in the UK. Will get them on my next purchase. Display as a link instead, The profile and performance are similar. Loaded question here, but first time asking! Who Makes Noodle Golf Balls? The Elevate series uses VSS, which is True Temper's internal shock absorption technology. I was so pleased that you reviewed these shafts back when you did, because they ended up on my Matt Recommends list (youre inspiring me to get out and try more and more gear, but its beginning to cost me pal). Again, I can get quick in transition, you might be different. Reactions: Kenomikes. Little higher flight, same distance. Description . The weight is about the same (125-130 grams for PX 6.5 and TTDG S-X), but IMO the PX feels heavier because of what most people refer to as the "boardiness" of the shaft. All rights reserved. Featuring ultra high strength vanadium enriched steel alloy, Elevate MPH shafts remain stable even at such lightweight designs. Tour elevate- smooth, smooth,smooth. You will definitely feel less "kick" in the down swing to stiffer midsection. . But like everything, overshooting will see you losing control of the spin, and the ball will simply balloon out on the green. Im going Tour stiff soft stepped. Call it placebo effect if you will, but I did feel like the Elevate had a cleaner impact sensation than other shafts. With the caveat that were painting with a broad brush, yes, I think that smoother or more active shafts generally work better for players who have smoother transitions. Two totally different profiles for different types of golfers. The True Temper Elevate 95 vs. 105 golf shafts have quite a bit in common, but the weight and spin characteristics . Im not sure what youre trying to get at here. Most likely, you want to know the core differences between the Ventus Red and Blue Shafts. The Elevate 95 is lighter and available in two flexes stiff is 98 grams, regular is 96 grams. These shafts are designed to be constant weight in taper . ), the counter-balance aspect of the shaft has more to do with that than the cpm or flex. I ended up ordering through my fitter (ended up costing about 200 more) but i wanted these irons TO MY SPEC. #9 - True Temper Elevate 95 VSS. In our test, we saw that the 95 consistently achieved better distance than the Tour. Plays stiffer to a soft transitionthan the flex warrants. KBS Tour is about 5g heavier, has a higher balance point. Thank you for the feedback its very helpful as I previously had the Kbs tour Stiff and was hoping elevate tour Stiff would be softer as a set of irons I'm thinking of going for have the elevates in them. who still loves to practice hours on end. If your swing speed with a 6 iron is less than 83 mph, you should expect between 150 175 yards of distance from your 6 iron. The designs of certain golf shafts can promote more or less spin so keep this in mind when looking for a shaft to maximize your game. Your link has been automatically embedded. Im still working out the yardage as I play, but its getting more and more clear what these shafts can do. My recommendation is always to get a fitting. Ive enjoyed these shafts since Ive gotten them. Tempo is not how fast you swing it, it is how you swing it fast. Played KBS Tour for a while and picked up a set with the Elevate Tour just recently. That's probably almost all in my head, but I had the same concerns as you and it makes sense to mitigate that. If you have stumbled upon this article, you must be curious about the Fujikura Ventus Shafts. A player with a quicker backswing and more aggressive transition will have a faster tempo, while a player with a slower backswing and smoother transition will have a more deliberate tempo. OK I guess I read that wrong. One of the more responsivesteel, Tour-V Stiff will play consideribly stiffer than Eevate Tour in stiff. I think 83 MPH for an Elevate X could be correct depending depending on your tempo and what you need in terms of ball flight. Also few other shafts KBS TGI 80 ,Elevate 95,couple others. True Temper Elevate 95 Steel Standard Standard Outlet Like New Very Good Good Average $570.99. But the minor differences make a lot of consequential differences at play. Nova Tech i700 70-75gr Mid-High Mid-High. Flexes: Regular, stiff. Would you rather have a shaft thats too stiff or too soft? Thanks Matt. For as little golf as I play, I try to limit my changes. True Temper claims that this dampens 56%of the vibration of the shot (71% in Elevate 95) without suppressing feedback. I havent reviewed the KBS Tour 90, so I couldnt give you a good comparison. It can hit the ball with much higher speed and consistency which are otherwise unavailable on the regular and stiff variants. The True Temper Elevate shaft seeks to counteract the strong lofts and low spin properties of todays iron heads. I definitely hit the steel shafts with greater consistency with much better feel, but the graphite felt better on the joints. The Elevate 95 brings speed and distance thanks to its shorter and lighter shaft design. Where do you live? The main difference between the Elevate Tour and the 95 is the weight and flex. Thanks. Shaft consistency and quality (flex, torque, weight, and balance point) ranked over 91% which is very high for a . The mid-weight design is ideal for golfers with speed who are looking for more height and stopping power. The Elevate Tour shafts are taper tip and constant weight. Copyright 2013-2023 Plugged In Golf. The TTDG feels dynamic in my hands, whereas the PX feels dull. What is unique here is that we have seen the ultralite steel shafts (under 100 . Elevate shafts are made of vanadium-enriched steel alloy. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy Lob Wedge Stiff 60-7 TT Elevate 95 VSS Golf Club Right Hand at the best online prices at eBay! I find the 120 stiff does feel pretty stiff to me, but that Ill bet thatis mainly because I like a little lighter weight. Ill go test them just wanted your opinion. Most noticeable, however, is the Elevate 95s ability to dampen the vibrations thats a huge plus for a 60 something y.o. Bought another set with Steelfiber 95CW and they're wonderful to hit. Its a great upgrade from my old one. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'golfertroop_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',107,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-golfertroop_com-large-leaderboard-2-0'); Due to the length, the Tour achieves lower trajectory and loft than the Elevate 95. I am a 10 handicap. Its 112 grams. Im not sure how you can make such a blanket statement about it being a dream shaft for all stiff/x golfers. More specifically, do smoother feeling shafts tend to fit players with a smoother, more deliberate & even swing tempo? They also come in three different stiffness options so you can choose the best one for yourself based on your swing abilities. This may be my last set. Club Car Accelerator Micro Switch Location | Heres All You Need To Know! I just finished my fitting for a new set of irons on Friday, and the 2 worst shafts for me were the Elevate and the Modus (hit in 120, 130 and 125 grams). and was like hitting through butter.. you have to go and test these shafts. Will get them on my next purchase. 0 Reviews. The Elevate Tour are some of my favorite steel shafts. currently play p760s x100s fitting day fit. Each custom assembled shaft is built-to-order with a high-quality, Guaranteed Fit Mizuno compatible adapter tip (choose from 15+ driver and fairway wood models like the Mizuno JPX, ST-180, ST-190, ST-200, ST-Z & mo I have had the set 11 months. Ping 425 with Elevate Tour R - Almost indiscernible from the Modus 105's in swing feel and dispersion. Driver swing speed hovers near 100 if that matters , not sure my 6 iron speed . You can post now and register later. That is right folks. This is a pretty straightforward mid to high handicapper shaft. Elevate 115 ETS is slightly overall stiffer, specificallyin the tip/tip-mid section of the shaft. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, youll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. True Temper TI X100 128gr Low-Mid Low-Mid, True Temper DG 120 120gr Low-Mid Low-Mid, True Temper AMT White 102-130gr Low-Mid Low-Mid, OBAN CT 115 115gr Mid Mid, Project X I/O 105-115gr Variable Variable, Project X LZ Steel 6.0 120gr Mid Mid, True Temper ELEVATE Tour 115-120gr Mid-High Mid-High, True Temper ELEVATE ETS 115 115gr Mid Mid, Project X Catalyst 100CW 100gr Low-Mid Low-Mid, Rifle 5.0 and 6.0 115-125gr Mid Mid, KBS $ Taper 115-120gr Mid Mid, KBS $ Taper Lite 95-105gr Mid-High Mid-High, Nippon Modus 120 111 -126gr Mid Mid, ACCRA iSteel 115gr Mid Mid, ACCRA I Series 95-105gr Low-Mid Low-Mid, KBS TGI 90, 95 90-95 Mid Mid, Xcaliber RT 95 96 Mid Mid. Coming from the Nippon 105 Tour and KBS Tour 105, I thought I would be disappointed with this transition, but the only thing I had to acclimate to was greater distance anywhere from about 5-10 yards difference depending on the club, and less aching in the joints after practice and playing. Its just a way of describing someone with a smoother swing, someone who doesnt aggressively force the club out of transition. I have a background in the game which I wont bore you with. Ive been playing it now for a couple months and Ive been so impressed, my scores have stayed nice and steady and my comfort and confidence with these shafts is only growing. Irons Apex 19 4-PW (Smoke) Elevate 95 (R-Flex) Wedges CBX Zipcore 50*, 54*, 58*. Length Comparison of Elevate 95 vs 105 Golf Shafts. Mid to tip I'd expect them to be similar, though for a higher launching shaft the Elevates felt very stable, probably more so than the KBS Tours in my brief experience. I dont have any experience with Steelfiber, but we have some reviews here: Feels great. Titleist TSi3 driver, CallawayMavrik 3WCallawayXR hybrids, Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54/14,TaylormadeMG2 58/11 wedgesPXGBattle Ready Bat Attack putter. Plug & play Mizuno Driver Replacement Shafts are here! Now that you know everything there is to know about the Elevate Tour and the Elevate 95, lets look at some of the questions that are frequently asked by prospective players. Now I cant even get in there at all to test one out. Featuring ultra high strength vanadium enriched steel alloy, Elevate MPH shafts remain stable even at such lightweight designs. However, I think Gary Player is horribly mistaken to lump all amateurs into one group. One of the key technologies in the Elevate Tour shafts is VSS Vibration Suppression System. Why r they going rusty ?? Perhaps change in materials. Oh man, now I see. KBS tour- feel amazing. Our fitting system recommendations include length of iron, shaft weight, shaft trajectory and spin profile, shaft flex, and swing weight. That leaves much of the heavy lifting to the players and allows for precise control compared to the 95. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'golfertroop_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',104,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-golfertroop_com-medrectangle-4-0');Read Also:KBS tour 90 vs 105: Which Golf Shaft Will Improve Your Game? View Options. This Is True Temper Lacrosse ; Lacrosse Gear 101 ; True Tester ; Team | Custom ; Hockey . Weve put the newest iron shafts from Project X, True Temper, KBS, OBAN, Mitsubishi, Nippon and others through rigorous testing. Driver and Fairway Wood Fitting Reg. Hi Matt, whats your 7 iron club head speed. 5 Testers Needed! I definitely liked the ball flight of both of these elevate shafts. Thread starter #1. I hit them tonight. Add to Wish List. [b]Irons:[/b] Mizuno MP 59s Callaway Apex DCB 21 Iron Set 5-GW True Temper Elevate MPH 95 Steel Regular Right Handed 38.0in. The main weight difference between these two shafts is 14 and 29 g which is pretty substantial. Swing speed is only one metric, but generally speaking you are correct. So if you want to maintain control over the spin, we suggest going with the Tour, even though it lacks raw spin. Couldnt be happier with the switch! Work with a fitter, test them all, buy what works best. At the moment, however, I dont have any data from which to form an opinion about taper vs. parallel tipped shaft. Im 37 and 190lbs and often told I have a very relaxed and chill swing.

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