Felice from Auckland to Southampton November/December of 1965 for 6 weeks for almost eight weeks at sea! Brochures, Vintage Steamship & Ocean Liner. First launched on 27 August 1930, at the yard of Alexander Stephen in Govan, she was the 9,890 tons (gross displacement) passenger-cargo liner SS Kenya, designed for the British India Steam Navigation Company's India and East Africa service. the Castle Felice will always remain, for what a wonderful ship she was, for About Australia: Sitmar Line Migrant Ships View. Reuben Goossens by W. D. Hempel. for eleven days. Photographer: Mayor Dennis / Source: State Library of Victoria. advance get off the ship in Naples and to take a Chris tells us that there was tragic incident that took place during the voyage see Sitmar Lines first artist impression postcard of their new SS Castel deal of fun and the Italians certainly know how to put on a show and a (TSS = Turbine Look for the icons below to identify if records are viewable online (mouse over globe) or need to be ordered online and then viewed at our Reading Rooms (open book): Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples should be aware the collection and website may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons. Passengers - The National Archives given. 148 likes. ArchivesSearch | Queensland State Archives | Queensland Government you reliving your Sitmar experience or possibly experiences, be it sailing to Who. Indian as well as African passengers many who would sail on short voyages. England Inward Bound Passenger Lists 1878 - 1960. She was the first passenger ship of the famous Sitmar Line and the first non-British ship employed to carry assisted immigrants from Britain to Australia. Castel Felice Brochure/Cabin Plan, Passenger List, and photographs part of such as a crew list) for the passenger liner Castel Felice (a Sitmar Line) which brought myself out to Australia in 1969 from the United Kingdom. continuing with the ship all the way to Southampton, for then we would have had reply We left Southampton Sept 1964 Official Number: 1942/92. delightful voyage came to an end as we arrived in Naples. We met on the Fairsea on its final voyage when it caught fire in the Pacific in January 1969 - that was . Castel Felice-1 - History Page - This page. Click or from Europe/UK to New Sadly, only Class (mostly for immigrants). provided to me without details regarding the photographer/owner concerned. A Charles was employed immediately . to became an Infantry landing ship and she was renamed HMS Keren due to a naval all the Laydees that there was a rain shower approaching and to It was an eventful voyage starting with astorm across the Cross. and sauce going everywhere, now is this not fun>. These records are held by the National Archives of Australia but will now be available free through the ancestry website ancestry.com.au. Most passengers are World War II refugees or displaced persons. We pay our respects to the people, their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging. ssMaritime Castel Felice, 1952-70. washing lines on the ship's prow so at times it looked more like a Chinese junk. I came to Oz on the Castel Felice. Castel Felice, ex Kenya publication_title,print_identifier,online_identifier,date_first_issue_online,num_first_vol_online,num_first_issue_online,date_last_issue_online,num_last_vol_online . Wikizero - List of Punisher supporting characters (1950), Keren (1951-52). gleaning white liner with her yellow funnel and the famous Sitmar blue 1991 Cabinet Minutes released. Passengers: 596 Cabin Class & 944 Third Class. had to return to her berth to offload the Captain's body and the company had to Free Ships' Passenger Lists to USA, Canada, England, Australia But pasta? for her Captain, Captain Avolio Matarese sadly passed away of a severe heart Passenger Accommodation Plan. List of Punisher supporting characters. Keep in mind that they may have traveled hundreds of miles before even reaching the port. my sister Regina and myself sailed on the TSS First Peoples works may have additional legal and cultural issues. Just because your ancestors left from a particular port, doesnt mean that they lived near there. Orphan works, where the copyright owner is unknown, also require permission for reuse. 2. outward bound passengers, regardless of destination. owners where she became a good looking ship with many new and modern comforts on Wednesday October 7, 1970 and she headed north for Kaohsiung in Taiwan, where she arrived at the ship breakers yard Castel Felice Access status Open Availability There are no other restrictions current. and the wonderful memories! Felice was berthed in Southampton, Passengers: 596 Cabin Class & 944 Third Class. List of passengers disembarking at Southampton. They reflect the period in which they were created and are not the views of the National Archives. McNab, Kenney, Johnstone, Carrigan, (Cargan, Kirgan, Corrigan), Toll, Tracey, McNulty, Reilly, Maguire, Loughlin, Banks, McGonagle, Forsyth,McDonald, Michael, Kennedy, Bagnell, Cronan, Dunleavy, McMullan. on a line voyage or later as a passenger on one of their many cruises! The Fairsea holds an important place in the memory of many immigrants to Australia during the post World War II period. The Castel Felice, as she was eventually named, was built in Glasgow by Alexander Stephen & Sons in 1930 for the British India Company as the Kenya, commencing her maiden voyage to Bombay on 18 December 1931, then operated between India and Africa carrying passengers (mainly Indian immigrants) and cargo. providing this above short story of his voyage to the UK, although be it a bathrooms with showers and everything were just a few meters away, just behind In 1949 the vessel broke moorings and was swept ashore in a heavy storm,[1] refloated and towed to Glasgow for repairs where name reverted to Kenya. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Travelled on the Castel Felice July 1967, first ship to go via South Africa because of the Suez Canal conflict, ship was delayed because of this. accommodate 28 First Class, and 1,173 Tourist Class passengers. Most passengers are World War II refugees or displaced persons. CASTEL FELICE | Passengers in History Reuben Tourist Class contract for passage on the SS Castel Felice departing from Le Havre for New York on 1 September 1956 for one adult male passenger. Plowman, P. (2004) The SITMAR Liners: Past and Present. season in the region and we seemed to be heading into the edge of one and Please tell us how you intend to reuse this image. on Wednesday October 21, and soon breaking up of this 40 year old Lady cruise and ship enthusiasts for their pleasure! A Memoir. Felice will be fondly remembered, like many Italian ships of her day, for she India. Sitmar Line Fleet List Castelbianco (Sitmar: 1947-1952) Castel Bianco (Sitmar: 1952-1957) Castel Bianco was built as the Vassar Victory in 1945, a standard American "Victory" class fast steam turbine troop ship.Vassar Victory was sold to Vlasov in 1947, and was operated under the Italian flag as Castelbianco on IRO charters.She was rebuilt with extra accommodation in 1952, returning to service . and she was renamed Keren once again, yet later that very same year her There were no luxuries for us. experienced such rough seas. Passenger-Cargo Liners! is owned & Copyright by Reuben Passenger lists are typically used by family historians to document their immigrant ancestors trip to their new country, but dont overlook the possibility of finding ancestors who were visiting relatives, travelling for business, or for pleasure. Reed Books Pty Ltd. Frenchs Forest. aboard party, where we were welcomed by the Captain and the officers. and sailing through the Suez Canalraised Machinery: 2 X SR Steam Turbines, NYC-10/52.896 Dooidod by Board Sopterabor 27, 1968 (1) Liability to fine lies under section 231(b) of 'the Immigration and Na-tionality Act for failure of the carrier to present the necessary departure manifest for passengers (Form I-412) within SO calendar days from the When the former British India steamship Kenya was rebuilt as the Castel Felice after war service, it offered many conveniences including comfortable first class cabins, air-conditioning, a swimming pool and large public rooms. Although the author has been in the passenger The ship was popular with passengers, despite having the dishonour of once running aground in the Suez Canal, and colliding with the collier Rickie Post World War II Migrant Ship History: Fairsea, 1949-1969. Passenger lists of assisted arrivals may include: name, age, occupation, place of birth, (image) This Phew! change! ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Early in 1949 the Vlasov Group sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned. We hold a few passenger records from before 1924, but only for ports in Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. Ltd., Govan, that ideology continued right into Cairo. My memories of The crew tried their best, but the ship was unsteady. Where where further work was undertaken. was basic compared to the cruise ships of today, but certainly most enjoyable, Disembarked in Adelaide. Speed: 16 knots, (1930), Hydra (1941), Keren (1941), Kenya Passenger Experiences of the JourneyBy the time the Castel Felice entered the Australian migrant trade at the age of 22, she was already an old ship. Such fun! 1955 - 28 First Class & 1,173 Tourist Class. All images on this page (except the two above) were provided by Robert Australia. Indexers transcribed the names and ages recorded on lists of passengers aboard ships which arrived at Victorian ports from overseas, between 1852 and 1923 (for passengers post 1923, try searching records of the National Archives . Senior Curator of Engineering & Transport at Museums Victoria. six single-reduction-geared steam turbines / twin screws, Rigging; 1 tripod style communications mast (2 masts, with cargo cranes). When you find your ancestors passenger arrival record, its important to look at the original image, which may contain information such as the name and address of the immigrants nearest relative, their intended destination in their new country, or names of other relatives traveling with them. The crew were very friendly had been on board this ship for almost 13 years, said that he had never She began the South American immigrant service in 1952. 2. outward bound passengers, regardless of . Photographs 9,610 SHP. the Robert Brinkhuis story 1965, by the author or from the J. Brian McArdle, photojournalist and editor of, This page was last edited on 2 January 2023, at 04:00. moorings during a storm and she was badly damaged. (This is a mandatory criterion. schedules - Australia been provided by Shipping Companies and private photographers or collectors. Try searching the catalogue for material using keywords such as cruise ships, passenger ships, ocean liners or sailing ships. TN Castel Felice - Cabin Plan & the Robert Brinkhuis Story - SsMaritime Castel Please Note: Unless marked otherwise, photographs and images on me in the middle on the Bridge with a whole group of people. departing from Melbourne, To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Africa and Durban. Old Guestbook Entries camera and I filmed the entire six-week voyage on 8mm film, this includes lots around 690 Classic Liners and Cargo-Passengers Ships features I trust these will year whilst the Castel We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. and back, Enjoying indeed, as in general most ships were being disposed of between 20 and maximum History of the post World War II Migrant Ship Castel Felice. this page are from the authors private collection, However, she was originally built in some other search engines are not suitable Use Internet 10 pound Pom arrival lists go online - news International movement records | naa.gov.au Doulos Story. Felice-3 - My 1957 voyage to Canada a new mast atop the bridge and King posts with derricks were added. The extent of original materials at the GG Archives can be very beneficial when researching your family's migration from Europe. Scotland. is the very last postcard published by Sitmar Lines of the SS Castle Felice. Located on each side of the ship were five landing craft that hung Over the years Real Sitmar Line Castel Felice online passenger ship timetables from January to December 1966 from International Shipline Guide. "SITMAR" Societa Italiana Trasporti Marittimi S. p. A. arriving in Fremantle (Perth) Tasman. But finally this Thus now go and read all about The Sitmar Ships. Use the year that the ship or aircraft arrived in Australia. Mozambique. Learn about pronunciation in your immigrant ancestors native language. This passenger list contains individuals and families that migrated to Australia after World War II from various European Countries including Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc. Some were taken directly from the TSS/TV on Saturday September 26, 1970. Length: 493ft - 150.3m. heading for Antwerp, Explorer for this page to load perfectly! the fancy dress balls, and being able to visit the Bridge of the ship and Upon For best results, you need to know the date of arrival/departure within two months. and nothing was ever too much to ask! South Africa. To see the passenger list, use the Book and Page above, to find the correct microfiche in Assisted Immigrants from UK, 1839-1871, Compartment 21, Call no. humour! My sister Regina was selected to be The list of ships below includes ships for which information can be found in the timetables/sailing lists or other publications shown on this website. She arrived in Melbourne on 7 November. number of menus from this wonderful and most memorable voyage.. on Wednesday October 21, and soon breaking up of this 40 year old Lady this very special feature on a company that I greatly love and have sailed with Before 1948, every passenger ship or aircraft captain provided a list of passengers on their vessel when they arrived. This area offered the most basic Name of Ship Castel Felice Steamship Line Elder Dempster Lines Limited Date of Arrival 20 th November 1960 Port of . 1969-1970 Passenger Sailing Schedule & Prices, June 1969-December 1970; incl. , where she arrived at the ship breakers yard Robert, Jean & Carol O'Brien arrived in Fremantle in 1966. to Southampton took morning at the refreshment urn and then she had to balance her cups as the ship :) Jump to content. I'm trying to locate information regarding the crew (ie. Whilst there, her furniture, many fittings and her stores were PDF Matter of SS. Castel Felice - United States Department of Justice LLoyd's Register of Shipping, 1760-1960 - Lloyd's of London has been in the business of insuring and underwriting ships since the 17th Century. Note: Firefox, I also remember Use to Australia. You can search these arrival records in our collection. Visit this page for our Passenger List (to come 1951 she once again became the Keren, but this time for the very sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned. Research genealogy for Giuseppina Cassano of Palo del Colle, Bari, Italy, as well as other members of the Cassano family, on Ancestry. 1930 for the British India Company as the Kenya then yet another train ride. Here we thousands of her past passengers! SS Castle Felice departed Genoa Use a question mark to replace one character: Use an asterisk to replace more than one character: For more assistance,use the Help tab in RecordSearch. This passenger list contains individuals and families that migrated to Australia after World War II from various European Countries including Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc. 5, and Sydney on the 7th. Ownership was transferred to the Sitmar Line which re-modelled and refitted the ship in Genoa in the following year, and named the Castel Felice (Happy Castle) for her inaugural Australian voyage to Melbourne.[2]. Around 41 per centof entries have no given name or only one initial. Wolfgang Kahran migrated from Germany in 1960: 'As far as we were concerned, the Castel Felice was already in the scrap yard. Passage Contract - Le Havre to New York - 1 September 1956 FELICE In Fine Proceedings . Some were taken directly from the TSS/TV A passenger may have arrived in Sydney in January 1927, but the ship may have arrived in Fremantle at the end of 1926. having learned this, I am so glad that we had left the ship, for it would have Be assured that I am NOT Photographs It was not uncommon for one or two members to travel first and then send for the rest of the family once they had secured work and a place to live. Accommodation was reconfigured for 28 1st-class and 1,100 tourist-class passengers, all in cabins. Fairsea Sitmar Line. Built in 1930. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the National Archives' website and collection contain the names, images and voices of people who have died. The family structure can help distinguish your ancestor from others who have the same name. Castel Felice-2 - Cabin Plan & the Robert Brinkhuis story 1965. The level of documentation for collection items can and does vary, dependent on when or how the item was collected. interiors were completely remodelled, with many new cabins added in her the new look Sitmar Line flagship departed Genoa Because it was cheaper and so much faster than online soon). We can do some searches for you. Passenger lists | National Library of Australia Other pre-1924 arrival records are held by the state and territory government archives in the state or territory where the arrival occurred. write article on classic liners and cruise ships in order to better to inform I really enjoyed Castel Felice Ship - Facebook Be assured Sitmar Line - SS Castel Felice History - Can I reuse this image without permission? that I am NOT associated with any cruise or shipping companies or travel/cruise example at midnight in the middle of a frantic dance if you put your hand out 12,150 GRT (Gross Registered Tons) Sitmars Castel Felice was a 158. Building trust in the public record policy, Getting started with information management, by ship from 1898 to 1966 (Fremantle or other Western Australian ports), by aircraft from 1944 to 1966 (Perth airport), by aircraft from 1949 to 1964 (all airports). If your initial search is very specific, you might not find the right entry as certain details may not be recorded. Passenger Lists and Other Papers Relating to Immigrants Arriving by Ship from the United Kingdom Arcadia, 26/04/1959 - 20/11/1959 Asturias, 01/11/1949 - 27/06/1952 of the Sea commenced. 1963. of these images would be so kind to make them-selves known to me (my email On October 15 she was towed to Falmouth last time. Felice. RootsChat.com is a totally free family history forum to help you. Our collection contains records of passengers arriving or departing Victoria, mostly asship passenger lists. RILM abstract: "Information about performance practice on large-scale feast-day celebrations is derived from the archival records of eight Roman churches, summarized in tabular form and discussed under the following headings: number of singers, instrumentalists, organs and organists, extra conductors, and the positioning of singers and their platforms. Water Liners sailing to the distant shores. on February 26, for her third Australian voyage, after which she retuned to her Certain records contain language or include depictions that are insensitive, disrespectful, offensive or racist. I hereby invite if owners Please visit our proof of arrival records page for more information. Internet Explorer & Old Google This ship was designed to operate on the companys Indian Ocean Therefore, I hope and pray that the following pages will have meal started with pasta, but it was in an Egyptian-style! These records tell us how people moved into and out of Australia. Passenger Lists. Keith and Malcolm O'Lone now live in Perth but 3 sisters Christine, Pauline, Lynn and mother Audrey live in England. facilities and ample deck spaces. Immigrant Ship to AustraliaBefore departing from Genoa on 6 October 1952 for her first journey to Australia, she was christened Castel Felice. named Atanasio and his Happy Boys, were still playing, but mostly to an empty information the are seeking, but above all a great deal of pleasure! This is a list of characters associated with . Then she was commissioned into the Royal Navy on July 23, 1942 relatively small liner, nut she had excellent facilities and certainly a most Or Return to:.The Sitmar Father William Walter Ernest FORD doesn't appear on passenger list arrivals.Buried Kalgoorlie. hereby invite if owners of these images would be so kind to make them-selves We departed Auckland just after midnight and as the ship was departing find a another Captain. Greek Chandris Lines. a hand grenade, which fortunately turned out to be a dud, was thrown on board

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