Pianist Yuja Wang visited SFCM for a master class in April. Yuja Wang and guest attend the RIMOWA & Porsche Exclusive Event on April 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. 3 years ago. God knows. Its what the kids in the know are wearing. If that is what some concertmasters want, surely they and their colleagues should demand their management to write dress codes into contracts for guest soloists to sign. Exhibitionism is not a substitute for inner self-esteem, which she clearly lacks. The Peace Concert Versailles. Stay home prudes. Well, I love Yuga Wang and I love the clothes she wears. Se is an outstanding pianist, but her (beautiful) nude skin is distracting. And that is all what it is about here. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times) On paper, pianist Yuja Wang's recital Sunday. .. does she?! Once again, imagery is confused by the establisment with substance. 21-year-old Yuja Wang who will be playing at the Houston Symphony Nov. 28-30. Yuja Wang, shown in Los Angeles in 2017, played a charismatic recital Sunday afternoon in Orchestra Hall. Welcome! Yeah. However, I let my ear be the judge when it comes to musical performances. And also, should they shave or not shave their legs? Reading through several of the comments I cant help thinking of the supposed Islamic dresscode, of which it is said that men dictate about how women should dress in order not to be tempted by them and to be be taken serious. yuja wang piano rachmaninov, mahler chamber orchestra, conductor claudio abbado - paganini rhapsody | piano concerto no. This suspicion may only be justified before she starts playing. Not very tall, somewhere around 1,60m Id say. Nobody, thats who. This miss Wang is GREAT. Sunset Boulevard? The denial of Wangs agency also feeds into racist stereotypes Can we get a break from race baiting? These articles are always written about women, yet, the male soloists and conductors long ago dropped wearing tails and their attire ranges from the flamboyant to the casual, they post pictures of their workout routines on their social media in a transparent attempt to show off their bodies, and nobody says a word when they completely let their bodies go. Gbor Takcs-Nagy conducts Beethoven, Scarlatti, and Mozart . There are also emergency grants that students can apply for, and the center also provides temporary and/or emergency . 18 [HD] Peter Chen 2.0 14.7K subscribers Subscribe 479K views 1 year ago BARBICAN CENTRE London Symphony Orchestra conducted by. IDIOTS ! She comes as a gorgeous brilliant musician both in performance and looks. But I absolutely detest her taste in choosing what to wear on the stage of a classical music concert. This is our concert. Actually, I think it looks ridiculous. But then it is the Guardian! My own theory is that Yuja Wang uses fashion as a means of liberating herself from the repression of her country of birth and its authoritarian culture, China. One day a concertmaster who, like his colleagues, has carefully put on his white tie and tails to honor tradition will say: Just a moment, Ms. Wang. And thats just a small portion of her enormous repertoire. she can come out naked. Yuja Wang, Gramophone's "Young Artist of the Year" 2009, hearkens to the no-holds-barred pianistic sensations of the 19th century "Whereas many pianists try to dominate this set of variations, she worked with it. Se clearly thinks it is funny to see audiences reaction when she gets almost naked. Can anyone recommend a good tailor? Beethovens piano conceri 1 and 2 three weeks ago in Eindhoven with the MCO. Yuja Wang came out to play Prokofievs 5th last night with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington. ask her as a soloist for their orchestras tours or concerts from year to year based on how she is dressed? Yuja is one with her music she is no longer separate and the music no longer belongs to the composure it one with Yuja they together are total complete entity the expression of total passion and love intertwined for the world to witness. The boots were four figure Louboutins, so shes certainly not a CHEAP whore. I think you mean some of her male listeners. Otherwise its just another Friday (or whatever night it was!?!) The notion that what we see might distract from music, rather than shape our experience of it, stems from a centuries-old division of body and mind, physicality and rationality, that claims classical music as purely cerebral stuff. She has attracted attention both for her. I expect she will only get better, although that seems nearly impossible. 907 posts. Yuja Wang. God may inhabit the music, but not the people. You did waste the time writing that, though, didnt you!! Vida familiar [ editar | editar cdigo-fonte] Wang nasceu numa famlia de msicos. taking off her clothes Freudian slip, John? She is free to wear whatever she feels comfortable playing in. If she were wicked smart she would give one interview, stating her attire being a feminist statement. The language and skills to address these questions might need to become part of the modern critics toolkit and if critics start taking fashion seriously, agents might be able to include outfit details in press releases without fear that it will open the floodgates to derogatory commentary about the artists they represent. If you cant bare seeing bare skin just shut your eyes or read the programme notes! They can play Rachmaninoff better than they can talk or as easily. Yuja Wang. I was there and the people loved her. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yuja Wang Simn Bolvar Symphony Or Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.3 (US IMPORT) at the best online prices at eBay! They are not occasion-appropriate. That theory is utter nonsense! The only way they know how to get attention is NOT through their music, but through their slut shabbiness. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Hate sex? I dont believe that Ms. Wang made any record that can be included into the Legend category. You are either a total ignorant or plain stupid! Among several outstanding performances I attended by her, Prokofiev Piano Concerto 3 with Abbado is equalled only by Argerich. Streaming; Home Come to the Cabaret Isaac Mizrahi Is Singing Darling! She is a gifted pianist no doubt and I, for one, will refrain from attending her appearances until such a day when the parade ends. Ravel: Piano Concerto in G. Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. But thats not who she is. Chopin: Sonates 2,3. Your leftist fantasy politics stab in the dark is actually a very tired, uneducated attempt. She should not be enjoying such a major career, and it comes at the expense of serious musicians who do not distract the audience with their clothing. No physical appearance can match musical sensuality, and because of the direct accessibility of musical bodily presence, any literal, physical attention drawing is merely distracting from the heart of the performance wich is its musical content and meaning. So what? Clothing: Ring Smart Home Security Systems eero WiFi Stream 4K Video in Every Room: Blink Smart Security for Every Home Neighbors App Real-Time Crime People hear what they see. Yet another portion is fascinated by her because so many other people are fascinated by her, which is the primary mechanism of celebrity. Shouldnt we dress appropriately as well ,based on accepted norms of the occasion, to return the favor to our audience? By the way, I dont have a camera, even on my mobile phone. Who cares how shes dressed???? Maybe three at the most. Thank you for sharing. And when she chose to play a vulgar, circus-like transcription of the Turkish March right after Beethoven, it was yet another evidence of her immaturity and lack of taste. Yujas attire is consistent with her views she is a wunderkind who (so far) has not shown any meaningful signs of maturity. Their hand-wringing articles trying to undo millennia of evolution and common sense always provide me with a refreshing nap. She is awesome. night. Seek help. The point is to dress appropriately! Yuja Wang 2023 tour schedule has 3 concerts lined up for this year. Yuja was born in the 1980s. For your information I was commenting to someone who was discussing mens evening dress, which from the point of view of classical musicians has become decidedly casual over recent years. I dont understand why anyone cares what a performer wears. Am I the little boy pointing at the (almost) nude piano player here or a kind of reversal of thatpointing out she has a good body for radio. They now wear what resembles bar staff attire, quite appalling. 2 in C minor Op. Yuja Wang's dress designer is accused of deception main norman lebrecht May 03, 2018 From CBC Toronto: A Toronto fashion designer who has dressed international classical music and opera stars. As an encore, she gave us a splendid Grande Polonaise Brillante ( without the Andante Spianato, hlas! And isnt it interesting to watch her gradually disrobe in that age of sexual finger-wagging. Whats leftist about calling out misogyny whenever its evident? Good for her, look how much publicity she gets. Perhaps 2 inches from her butt, Norman. Sergey Prokoviev: Piano Concerto No. A pianist who radiates palpable magnetism and a distinctly contemporary sensibility, Yuja Wang is an astounding artist whose awe-inspiring technique is. Yes, speak for yourself. Sort yourself out mate, learn some basic control. What a total, total shame. Keep doing that thing you do, Yuja. Miss Wang is a musical firecracker, a fantastic musician for a wide range of repertoire. How did the dress choice interact with the musical programme? If you call Yuja Wang an obscure pianist and are unaware of how much great classical music was composed after 1899, then you should start educating yourself before commenting on any matter related to classical music. However, like every other news site, we have costs to bear and are urging readers to help share them. What is interesting about Yuya Wang and certainly unsettling to her critics is that she is uncompromising in her artistry. Just close your eyes and listen to it. Franck Chopin . What a shame! Why not comment on the way she puts together her program, or the bad interior design choices of the theatre, where e.g. Nobody can reach her incomprehensible technical perfection and her phenomenal expressiveness and stage presence. Daniel Harding and Charles Dutoit conduct 20th-century masterpieces - With Yuja Wang, Christoph Prgardien, David Guerrier, and Renaud Capuon. Probably ordered those shorts online from Nike. As a touring artist for 55 years I know that an audience is there to see something they cant get at home. However, lets not overlook that there are other female soloists whose cut of their cloth and flowing hair are just as appealing. As a matter of fact, sometimes I think that audiences hear what they see. Revealing so much of her body on stage in order to boost her confidence? To be fair (to the discussion, not to the musicians in question), Mutter got plenty of column inches devoted to her off-the-shoulder gowns, with much the same grumpy-obsessed reactions, just a Wang gets today. Yuja Wang VS Page Turner. And as we see, many performers do their best to serve the music in this way. Shes a girly girl; so what!!? The way she goes about playing it, yes. Yuja Wang is the measure of all things in the entire world of classical pianists. I should be interested to know why misogyny seems to be so prevalent among readers of this blog. Who does she think she is, Ariana Grande? Thats the point! Yuja Wang performs in New York's Carnegie Hall in 2020. I hope Im wrong, but why not list what you find invalid in her career? Select your subscription length below and head to the checkout: Please log in again. Dont like her clothes? I personally find it utterly disrespectful for the genre. I seem to remember running across her on Beijing back page. But I wouldnt put it on a level with Marthas, if only because of the authority gap. With that attitude, the concert halls are going to be empty very soon. It depends. She is young. In this world of noise she carries through. I would never attend her concert even if its FREE. If at a concert your eyes dominant your ears, than maybe yes. Yuja Wang Tickets Described as a piano prodigy, Yuja Wang is not your typical classical pianist. 2022. However, she is in the way to do it. Yuja got praiseworthy reviews and dress was ignored in passing. (Twas worth it; just heard her in Aix-en-Provence! Steinway Fanatic: her attractiveness drew me to listen, her artistry made me come back. 38 - I. Allegro non troppo Gautier Capuon, Yuja Wang & Johannes Brahms 3. There might, just might, be grounds for criticizing her if she could only play a melody over two chords in a bar. Sorry you can handle but yall need to get over it. But what I hear is right on the spot too. Ignoring the sensibilities (or sensitivity) of your audience, in exchange for boosting your confidence? Clothing is a lot about styling, you know, put juxtaposing things next to each other that are extremely interesting that have not been done before. SHE is the INVITED guest STAR!! She played with urgency, brilliance, color, energy, and emotion. Wangs couture (i.e., what little there is of it) makes it impossible for her male listeners to do anything other than deal with the fantasies that her visuals inevitably conjure up.. Somehow I think her fame and reputation will expand beyond the snark committee in this blog. https://slippedisc.com/2017/12/anna-netrebkos-timely-advice/. And even if they were, why care? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMQ4JicUs1A. No! SHE organize everything! I have never heard this young woman, but if she plays well, there is no need to imply that you would want to leer at her. Schumann Fantasy In C, Op. I suppose next in line for silly criticism is Khatia Buniatishvili with her low cut top which would not suit Yuja, with her characteristic deep bow to the audience, lest something fall out. He should not include them on his list just to appease progressives. ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR SOUNDBOX IS PROVIDED BY BERNADINO J. PISTILLO, JR. AND PAUL UPHAM & MICHAEL VOSIKA. Musician/band. Also, reading at this website about harassment in the profession in general. It is as it should be. I just love it how a bunch of old geezers here refer to this scrawny flat-nosed Asian miget as a beautiful woman. With the passage of time this sort of attire will not be possible anymore and then you can assess whether it is her pianism that is the source of her success. Yes, Yuja Wang did an encore. She recently filled Carnegie Hall with Beethoven/Ligeti/Schnberg/Scriabin/Albeniz/Kapustin thats on the level of Pollini in his heyday. Probably left the clothes off so she could do the leaps freely. Makes you want to go to confession at intermission to ask forgiveness for your performance not being 100%! Completely true, Steinway Fanatic. Pianist Yuja Wang is celebrated for her charismatic artistry, emotional honesty and captivating stage presence. Sex sells. Two camps are bitterly opposed and will never agree. If they need to expose their bodies to sell their concerts, they are cheap, worthless merchandise. The only downside is how long can she keep it up? What is one to think of the clothes the twenty-nine-year-old pianist Yuja Wang wears when she performsextremely short and tight dresses that ride up as she plays, so that she has to tug at. You got it! (Scientific proof). It is not only the choice of clothes. CD: $11.98 MP3: $5.99. By the age of 21, she was already an internationally recognized concert pianist, giving recitals around . Membership benefits will include a daily digest of stories delivered to your email, and occasional exclusive offers from our partners. Nah.. Well, the picture of Yuma Wang's face during this tense scene says perhaps just two. And Thank You for YOUR contribution to music in Manhattan and music in general with your delightful playing. .limited SHE IS NOTHING BUT BRILLIANT! Like so many women, they flaunt themselves when they know theyre hot, she just happens to be a great pianist. Again, the way mostly men here are telling women how to dress during music performances in order not to be distracted from their music playing does not differ fundamentally from how in some cultures men think they should decide how women should cover themselves up in order not to seduce them. In the movies, visuals are a fundamental part of the thing. Wang PLAYS like a master. I listened to YW live once, it confirmed what I implied and that was my last one. And as far as the audience getting use to it? How refreshing. I attended that Prok 3, if you mean the one in Luzern, and it was certainly good. 2022. Thats on you. I really cant see any appropriate reason for it. From the Lebrecht Album of the Week: This, The mayor of Strasbourg has announced that the, The Observers foodie Jay Rayner does not go, The Spanish violinist Roxana Wisniewska was officially posted. The triple-play, one could say??? Reviews locally say she played brilliantly. Charlize Althea Garcia February 28, 2023 0. She is a great artist indeed. The late Friedrich Gulda beat Yuja to that race, though with dim lighting. 296K followers. The (other?)

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