Family and friends of us all are all exactly the same. Well said Marylin. . Will will not be in the Great Reset. I think we are right in the middle of a terrifying clash between good and evil. Hi Hilary! A level playing field. 6 Sept. a huge tunnel in the Philippines was destroyed - accompanied by an earthquake. But, I do love fiction as well as the next guy. There is SO much happening all the time. Using Ordinary People For Extraordinary Events, Italy scrambles to contain second wave as daily COVID-19, Italys daily COVID-19 cases hit new high. Charlie said enough for everyone to have 1 million each. Gradually the tunnels from all around the world are being dealt with, one after another and being made unusable in the future. I have heard they are stopping it also. As many say, it is for the children, and Im with you on that. Nesara/Gesara is real, this is the year of Jubilee! Now I am not a seismologue, but it felt strange somehow. Thanks so much for contacting me Debbie! They included arrests of pedophile perpetrators and destruction of the underground tunnels and bases through bombs that caused minor earthquakes. It looks like we are walking along the same path. Do you know what loosh is? . Low vibrational energy is given to strife, depression, war, anger, etc. Hi Virginia! We will be well off. . Besides youve never heard anything like it and it sounds fantastic? Hi Jeanne, DUMBS are filled with trafficked childrenall will be revealed. Under Trevi Fountain two huge underground places were found. I have not used the terminology of 5th dimension etc. People have been thinking they are small earthquakes. We will be backed by gold soon, so it will be very important. Tell those facts to Catherine Austin Fitts, she probably will not believe it. The biggest gold mines are not known. The message of Revelation? Its the first time anyone has sent me a poem! Antichrist, 666 on hand or forehead. Did the Cabal get to him too ? It still boggles the mind to imagine how they could keep so much stored away, when just a little of it could relief so much suffering. Much appreciated. It seems that God has allowed the ds to do a lot of damage to society and the world, but would he allow part of the Word to be kept from us hard to imagine but possible. Cant wait to see the ending. The length of the tunnel was given as approximately 1,500 miles, so it cuts through underneath both land and water. This second tunnel started in Sydney and went in a web-like ring around Australia, with a big central line running toward Ayers Rock. Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, It was very interesting to note the tunnels connecting the Vatican to Jerusalem, including the stolen Hebrew books and the gold. Yes, all so true! Where ignorant armies clash by night.. Frightening stuff. CA the worst. Can you admit that was incorrect? Im not here to kill the fun, but our job is to present the facts as best as we can. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Hi Billie! Veterans. What timeline do you want to be on? During the Trevi Fountain Underground Tour you will f ollow the Virgin aqueduct path, from the hill to the valley, and taste how pure and fresh its water is, drinking from the "nasoni" (nose-like . In 1492, Pope Alexander VI finished the wall in its current form as seen today. Your believes are your GOD whatever you choose to believe in the Universe will give you evident of your beliefs. Crowns we earned to put at Jesus feet. But then again, thats how these people work, isnt it! Do I believe that? A tunnel from the Vatican to Jerusalem. We are in the middle of a potentially terrifying clash between good and evil but we know the end of the story God wins! They save the children then blow them up so they can never be used again. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more posts like this. Who is Dane? Constructed using a 750mm diameter, crawl thru drainage tube, which has been professionally cut and joined to the entry panels using a clamping system. Visitors can see the new underground areas through guided tours booked through the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, a non-profit governmental body that manages the Western Wall. No, not one of them. We are about to learn so much, I think its going to be mind-blowing. Truth is a hard nut to crack but that is life. Over the years our Catholic Bibles have been sold with fewer sections. Sure there is enough gold to back all the currencies, just raise the price of gold. That was the first vax Hoax for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ J. Hi J I just saw your comment come in and wanted to address it immediately. Some will tell of terrible things to come and how we must prepare because the D/eep S/tate are going to do this and that. Id love to know HOW they found covid in the air as they have not been able to isolate it interesting. Understand how the water flows underground and talk about the aqueducts with their original hydraulic mechanism. I pray that President Trump is right and we all will love how this movie ends. Thank you so much talk soon Marilyn, Marilyn, I found Charlie Wards videos on and they are in date order. After Tomar helped launch Portugals 15th-century maritime expansion, spearheaded by Henry the Navigator, the church became the inspiration for all Portuguese churches built overseas leading some to declare it the Vatican of the Templars. More underground Rome at the Vatican Necropolis While it's well-known that from St. Peter's Basilica you can access the crypt for free through a small door, many might ignore that yet down another layer of history there is an important necropolis. Thanks also for the extra links you provided.. It does sound very suspicious about their being a (Du/mb) under Rakovski, doesnt it. Live in what we have been given , and heed the warning in Revelation 22:18 21. Very true and scary! Blessings!! Whole thing looked pretty bogus to me as well right from the start. The level of the Adriatic sea in the northern part (where I lived) has dropped by about 20 centimeters. Hi Debbie, I also give a lot of people information. That might sound like it would never be, but thats not the case. Nice and simple, easy to understand. Whether it happens on these dates or not, I also believe there will be a stock market crash at sometime. The love of money is the root of all evil the Bible quotes in 1 Timothy 6:10. Even on a brand new page if you want. Its a good synopsis of what has been going on. This info aligns with what Mark Taylor (prophet) has written in one of his prophecies. The labyrinth of subterranean passageways, rooms and cages from which gladiators and . Its going to be so interesting to learn the full truth as time goes on what a privilege for us all! Ive actually removed that last update from my website as on just checking it I found the video was no longer working. Well, did it ever occur to you that the hoard of gold brought in from Ophir was the collection of King Solomon who had ruled Jerusalem for 40 years. Hi Patty! He moved all his videos over to other places, such as Bit Tube, but they dont appear in order any more. Thank you Ken! Gold in tunnels under the Vatican, now taken to the U.S. (2) Sequestered Illuminati and Cartel Wealth (3) Gold from the Chinese elders, buried in underground Taiwanese vaults (4) Gold brought from off-planet (5) The St. Germaine World Trust (6) Historic bonds (7) Income-tax refunds (8) As for me, Ive stopped looking up at the skies and wanting to shoot them with a laser gun! Thank you Jean for your great words! His people have gone on to their rewards for centuries with Acts 2:38 and living dedicated Holy lives in His care. We must all keep going. There was more gold than you can imagine found in the tunnel under the Vatican City. He also show the barges that go down to GItmo. You can say these things are happening, & I believe they are to a degree, but I have no family or friends that will follow the research or believe me. Panorama of Rome with a view of Basilica from St. Peter in the Vatican. We are moving into a different world, only made possible by the complete removal of the evil Cabal who have been busy robbing us blind in every possible way. Hi Dennis! Thr picture was coded with a upcoming that led to a Google image tat said do not take it. Its coming! The catacombs, a network of dark and narrow underground tunnels and tombs, hold the secret that eventually leads Indy to the hideout of the Holy Grail. Interesting information. I dont know how this will be, or how quickly, or anything else If indeed a reset is needed it is needed for the demise of this kind of thing. You are free to believe in scarcity. The Regavim Movement, a group dedicated to the protection of Israel's national resources, filed a petition against the Jerusalem Municipality last week demanding they take action against the tunnel. Someone tell me where I can get a PhD on line, please! Thank you, I saw that as an oversight. I totally agree with you Jesus is the ONLY answer. Oh I understand exactly where you are coming from. It helps us learn consequence of action as new souls need to understand before making their ascension. Tunnels have many uses: for mining ores, for transportationincluding road vehicles, trains, subways, and canalsand for conducting water and sewage. Frightened? Its a very sad state of affairs Quantum Financial System. Hi Geekgal, But as you say, the Jubilee is coming and I believe is almost upon us. i was just looking some up last night , heres some interesting links AND here People do grow up and mature. Im sorry Jackie, I dont go along with these Annunaki/alien or monkey theories. Answer (1 of 2): There's a tunnel between: * Washington, DC and * Rosslyn, Virginia. I cant say I go along with your info on the beast and false prophet etc but that doesnt make it not true. There are even assertions that one of these tunnels leads to an active base beneath the Vatican which has been exerting control over western civilization for centuries. What you now see in the sky is some kind of substance that is designed to clean up the skies and rid the toxins and chemicals out of the air. I fear Nesara is not real, as much as Id like for it to be. 18:9-17 They scanned the fortress footprint and recreated the Templar HQ with impressive 3D models. They sent me brochures for free to give to people. The article alleges that Jeffery Epstein is alive and in military custody and sharing intel about more tunnels. Remember all the headlines: This was when the Alliance and Military were taking down the 13 bloodline families, and the Vatican. A BBC documentary exposed a fifty-year scandal of child trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain. The masses were still asleep and there would have been far more mayhem had he denied it. Hes never said a single thing that wasnt already reported but he acts like like he already knew everything. How long did it take them? One of the more intriguing is the Vatican Necropolis laying underneath Saint Peter's Basilica. He didnt take the jab, neither did his daughter. . I believe it explains your questions well. Ive had classified clearances that you would not believe. One conspiracy theory " going viral " is that extensive operations are taking place to rescue children held in secret underground locales beneath densely populated cities. Elizabeth Tudor came to an agreement with the Vatican Italian Black Nobility and Jesuits to receive their idea of World Government, no longer in Venice but transferred to London, 1517 to 1600. It really appears to me that we are currently right in the middle of the Battle of Armageddon the evil ones will be dealt with we are fighting the battle right now together with the Lord. It might be a good idea to read the book Peace among the Willows that evaluates Francis Bacons book of 1626, The New Atlantis. We didnt know the anything about what was going on under our feet, and the bit we did know completely pales in comparison to reality. He advises vaccines (such as Ivermectin etc) not the poisonous jabs! What I see is exactly what your replies are, we are on the same page, the page of truth. I understand the Alliance is made up from selected worldwide military all working together for the same common cause. Thank you. Im not sure what 13 levels high actually means, but whatever, it was a lot. We live in a time where we need eyes in the back of our heads at all times. Yes they will surely perish. in 2003, it may be headed there again. etc. 85 million people died from WWII and GOD took 6 yrs to stop that ! We need to set our eyes on the real truth and hope for this world, and that is Jesus Christ. 650 aeroplanes were required to carry away all the gold that was brought out of the tunnel which led to Jerusalem. August/Sept/Oct have all been slated as HUGE months and from everything we are seeing, that is truly the case. the weight of gold is 1206 lbs per cubic foot. The best of the options was to promote and let military capture the bad elements and actors that thought they had bought him out so the agenda continued. First, he is no doctor and he states as well in his interview by Project Camelot. 1US$ = 1AUD$ = 1 Vietnamese Dong = 1 Iraqi Dinar etc. We are supposed to be good Bereans and test everything against the scripture. Have you researched this at all? By having independent city states the Kasarian mafia dont adhere to any of the laws of the democracies surrounding each of the city states. Im not saying its fact, but you have to open your mind to the possibility of it. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Yeah, who built that then and over what period of time? It will carry millions of tonnes of crap that would otherwise have been dumped into the River Lee. With two videos for me. all virus and bacteria theories are a cover up for all the toxins the evil ones introduced on this planet, to blame it on an act of nature. As for the tunnels, why did they empty them out? All gone. I think some of these people are just gathering info from others and putting their spin on it, and trying to claim it. God bless. As well as the tunnels, the team of archaeologists discovered the remnants. This four-mile sewer runs from Abbey Mills to Beckton, up to 80 metres below the surface. Thanks for that. We are not to take as gospel anything we hear from anyone, myself included. Thanks for your comment. I wonder if there are any inspired books that have been suppressed that would be interesting and surprising. Joel 2: 1 Blow the Trumpet in Zion Sound the Alarm in My holy mountain. Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain; Feel free to contact me further if you would like. In one of the tunnels under Rome. Some believe the order may have once carried the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, two items central to Bible scripture, yet never found. The Catholic Church was said to have made $20 billion dollars on the adoptions. Look, I dont say I have all the answers I wouldnt say that for a minute but I tell you what once you grasp hold of all this it brings peace to your heart. 24000 children in some of the DUMBS is a little hard to believe, but yet I think it is all true, just not seen. They fell into a trap and its sad there was a huge loss in collateral damage but far less had the other path been chosen.. remember they supposedly have access to a looking glass which gives them probable outcome of choices. Thanks Marilyn for all your research and this reminds me of the scripture that says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. Not the web of lies created by satans spidermen fact checking us and telling us that we are incorrect for believing in truth and not believing the lies that they spin. Vatican City has historical significance due to Catholic . To me, it is nothing but promises & wishes, with Trump wanting money from me to keep his WHATEVER going. From all the information Ive been given, there is more than enough gold in the world to easily back up all the worlds individual currencies. Part time truck driver and church pastor Timothy Dixon has said that the Almighty directed an angel to tell Dixon that a Jubilee is coming to the earth soon, directed by the Almighty. The cubic feet of Gold that was supposedly found under the vatican would have weighed 74 trillions pounds or 37 billion tons! I was created in the image of God, as we all were. Is anyone supposed to be stupid enough to believe these imaginary stories? The Creator only speaks to you through your soul, higher self, or I call your sixth sense from with in. You copy the URL at the top of the page. I have been reading your replies to comments made in this thread. The actual direct flight distance is 1,432.90 miles (2,306.03 km). The Vatican sponsored archaeological excavations (also known by their Italian name scavi) under Saint Peter's in the years 1940-1949 which revealed parts of a necropolis dating to Imperial times. By the way, Great comments by Dennis Richardson! We will own nothing and be Happening. How wonderful it is to receive news from someone who has actually been there! Now using scripture to intrepret scripture if a long time was 3 1/2 yrs, who would think Johns shortly would be 2000 yrs later. Yes America definitely helped to pay for the wars, but so did many other countries. Do not believe in reincarnation!!!!!. Thanks for your comment Jon. ( well at least til we got caught ) they do exist . The House of Lords that owned the British East India Company wanted to keep gargantuan profits from soil resources in India, China and North America in only their control. It was short and strong, only abput 2 seconds. Thanks again. Thank you for alerting me. If you think for one minute the government has not had us enslaved for decades, then you really are nuts!! Thanks for sharing with us. A Jubilee will happen because of the 1776, 1811, 1871, 1913, 1933, 1944, 1971 mostly banking events directed & controlled by Rothschild stooges. WWG1WGA. NO one will talk about the Anthrax shots given to us Veterans (took 4) that never saved one life but ruined many ! Where ignorant armies clash by night. Wont it be wonderful when our troubled world is flooded with light. The more I hear about it, the more I believe that what I have written is very close to the truth. What I have trouble with is believing the tremendous amount of stories coming out with this Great Awakening, i.e., White Hats/Black Hats, Clinton coup detes, NWO takeover, mass GITMO executions, doppelganger elites, 8,000,000 child abductions per year, adrenochrome consumption, NWO Takeover by the the greatest force of evil the world has ever known, Rothschild, Davos, Rockefeller, Vatican world control, presidential election theft, The Fall of the Cabal, The Greatest Precision Military Operation in World History, QAnon Military Intelligence, The Alliance Forces, 1500 mile tunnel filled with gold, NESARA / GESARA, etc.. You have to admit, these stories read like pulp fiction on steroids and are not fit for minors to read. MURDER, MURDER, MURDER for centuries is the Jesuits in the name of their POWER & CONTROL, Not Jesus Kingdom. One Talent (approx) in todays value is $1,176,050 so if this amount is multiplied by 666 Talents its close to 800M per year x by 40 years thats a mega hoard + he had gold and diamond & other precious metal mines in Africa, the Philipines, India and other countries. What an amazing time for all. Ive been in the truth community for quite some time and research extensively. Clearly, we do not see what is happening behind the scenes but it will be televised for 10 days, all will be seen except no photos of the hundreds of thousands of children rescued and those not alive. The work goes on! All the things you and I hate about what theyve done to our food will be stopped. All those who became rich through Babylon the Great that is, all those who sold their souls for the sake of fame and fortune, are all being dealt with and will be no more. The important thing is that we live each day for the Lord and pray always to remain in His will. Find Robert done extensive research . As a retired special forces guy etc, you would be really savvy. Please give us the strength to do thy will and may we live in peace. There is much more to the Vatican than just being the home of Saint Peter's Basilica and being the smallest country on earth. The main tracks of the Ferrovia Vaticana, or Vatican Railway, are just 300 metres long and were built under the reign of Pope Pius XI. Thank you for sharing your misgivings etc, because there will be many who will relate to it. How to Understand Symbolism in Revelations, How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities. Along with this massive amount of gold were found many books or manuscripts. Your Evidence? Billy Davis, a part-time Baptist pastor, operates a shoeshine stand with a frequent-shine program: unlimited shines for $100 a year. GITMO is another NOTHING BURGER. When Charles VIII's troops descended on Vatican City, Pope Alexander VI passed through the Passetto to avoid danger. We had a strange earthquake exactly at this place, at Mai 1st 2020. There are many, many courses that are promoted online which are fully recognised. Marilyn Williams The Templar Tunnel is an underground passageway located in the city of Acre, in what is now Israel. Hi Tom! To lie before us like a land of dreams,,,,, How they connect wicked secret underground cities,,,, Fantastic Research many thanks regards Tony Tyrrell, Quando i dumbs che sono sotto il mare vengono fatti saltare si riempiono di acqua. And if I hear it more than once I know it is legit usually. Now we go to the 5th demention and life happy everafter. Hi Barbara! Isnt that how anything is produced. The reason for these clones, as this military man above would know, they had to keep those in place because if only 1 or 2 arrests started, the people would likely rise up and cause chaos if they are still asleep and particularly liked the two individuals. The clones wont last much longer, life span isnt that long. But you do have to be prepared to ask the HS to lead you into all truth and He will even if its different to what you may have been taught. This is what I find so shocking! The Bible was put together over time. God also says Hes coming back for a glorious church without spot or wrinkle and we are the church. And no, day for a yr doesnt hold water. She said that etc.Then we research from there. May be Fitts should talk to Judge Anna von Reitz regarding NESARA. Is the Vatican underground? Covid was just the start, these evil bastards had much more in plan for the world. It may be easier for you to find the right one from this link Mark Taylor told this prophecy on page 11 of 12 of Taylors 21 Prophecies. Running from Vatican City, and deep underground, there is a tunnel that runs almost in a direct line to Jerusalem. So, they had to fight whatever was there before getting to the kids. Well she said so. As this realm is the one of the only ones where time becomes a factor. Bitchute description of the video:"Generations of kids are being rescued from D.U.M.B.s (Underground Tunnels) found under the White House and Capitol Building. I definitely dont think its too strange to think as you are. The only other person, no two persons, I know online who have been in them is Charlie Ward and Gene Decode. But before we point too many fingers towards the RCC, I believe many of us are going to be shocked when we learn what has been happening around the world in other churches! If you followed Trump you would have known he pushed personal responsibility as you should have done your research. Some of the routes were closed up, but other tunnels can still be found in the forest that surrounds Tomars fortress. This tunnel was built by the Knights Templar when the city was under the rule of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and served as a strategic passageway connecting the Templar palace to the port. Was the Holy Grail real? We must not mistake it for truth. We have all been lied to over countless generations but I praise God that the truth is revealing itself. Go to Apocyraphal 1970 think it is called. Much is given to us who have our eyes open so we can comprehend a little of what is going on, while those who have still been sleeping can be drip fed with reality. God is good! However, the tunnel is now blocked off. and went for 150 miles. It is all over the world not just here. For this reason there is the hypothesis that there are tunnels to America. As does Wm G Carrs Book, Pawns in the Game and Eustace Mullins book, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve. But for those of us who have really discerning minds, we were the ones considered conspiracy theorists by most everyone else because we were being good Bereans. Wonderful. f 1 kilo bars of gold were placed end-to-end for 1,433 miles, the weight would be 929,799,277 Troy ounces. I cant believe anyone believes this garbage No pictures or eye witness statements or anything to verify. But, our eyes are about to be opened. I have seen some of the overwhelming evidence and it makes me sick that people are so quick to condemn. Look the truth is this you may be right! This Dr. title in front of his name isnt how its done. Gold was $325 oz. Gitmo nah, cant prove anything! Just wondering why you feel you need to talk out about a man who doing all he can to share good news with people during a very dark time. There are at least 5 out there that I have seen with overwhelming evidence he is quite shady. We just need to buckle up our seat belts. Construction of the Passetto wall began around the year 850, but it wasn't completed until the year 1277 under Pope Nicholas III. Yep countless thousands are definitely stupid enough to believe. how can I share this on Facebook? Out whole education system will go under a review and be rewritten to line up with facts instead of the D]eep S]tates fantasy. When you look at the overall of how the n/w/o have been in charge of what happens, it isnt good. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. Its mine I left it there, just forgot where I put it. The team uncovered tunnels sprawling underneath the city as well as a guardhouse, showing how the Templars may have moved their treasures from the port to their treasure tower. . How is he making a nice buck? I am convinced also that our God can and does protect everything for us. Essentially they just imagine the tunnels into existence. 659 planes flown into Fort Knox. It is kinda funny, but for why is heartbreaking. It is more accurately translated to mean 'personal' or 'private'. I had doubts of Charlie as well. 4 Min Read Viral claims on social media purport that a recent U.S. military operation rescued 35,000 "malnourished, caged and tortured" children from tunnels beneath New York City's Central Park. I dont know the plot and therefore cannot comment on that, except from my research that is how I understand the situation. The underground base and city at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is exposed by whistleblower Steven D. Kelley. Apocalipsis prophecies are very clear now, very precise, which I considered amazing. With Jesus, its all good and I think more and more people are beginning to believe that God has to be involved in all of this. Who put it there? 10They will stand at a distance because of their fear of her torment and say: Too bad, too bad, you great city, Babylon you strong city, because in one hour your judgment has arrived! 11Also, the merchants of the earth are weeping and mourning over her, because there is no one to buy their full cargo anymore, 12a full cargo of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple cloth, silk, and scarlet cloth; and everything made from scented wood and every sort of object made from ivory, and from precious wood, copper, iron, and marble; 13also cinnamon, Indian spice, incense, perfumed oil, frankincense, wine, olive oil, fine flour, wheat, cattle, sheep, horses, carriages, slaves, and human lives. Thank you Caroline! Also, if he has the degree, his title should be The Vatican necropolis was not originally one of the ancient Roman Catacombs but an open-air cemetery with tombs and mausolea. I heard that he will be in charge of the exchanges for foreign currency. I do believe this year will be a real eye-opener one way and another so keep your ear to the ground and your faith in/on the Lord! Thank you for your comment.

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